Monday, May 10, 2010

When life goes out of control...

The impatient: WTF!! Iwanted to pee! I walked down all the way to the loo, but the only bleddy loo around here is occupied! My bladder will leak internally now.The consoler: awww!The impatient:I'll stand outside the loo and bang on the door.The consoler: hahaha :DThe impatient: How long do people spend inside the loo! You remember how it was when we were returning from ramoji that night? I feel the same way now! bladder is a little too full now.The consoler: yeah man!!! that day was little too much!The impatient: I cant think peacefully. I'm getting angryThe consoler: go bang on the door man!The impatient: there is this receptionist whose seat is very strategically located that she can see the loo from there. she keeps track of everyone's bowel movements.The consoler: hahaha :DThe impatient: aaaahhh!!!! laughter comes for me also but i'm scared to laugh out. the baldder might explode.The consoler: Aaah! yeah. Dangerous it is!The impatient: fucking 16 degress it is, here. ok screw typos. I'm not in the mood to correct antyhing.
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!! everyone should start wearing huggies.The consoler: hahaha :D totally!The impatient: I would definitely do that if my butt was flatter! Then people would never know!The consoler: very good plan it isThe impatient: aiyo raama! why is the person still sitting there in the loo? And one of the founding fathers of this business is shouting at the top of his voice at someone! I need silence here till the loo's doors are thrown open for me!The consoler: how long are they taking inside man?The impatient: fuck my life! one more person just went in! and another person is standing outside the door! WTF! both are men. what do I do now!The consoler: abrrr!!The impatient: there is no woman in the vicinity oif the loo.I cant even stand aroiund and talk to her.
I shall pee here on the carpet.The consoler: i tell you walk to the nearest hotel!The impatient: making all loos unavailable for use is a very good punishment the gov can use for the terroristsThe consoler: seriously!The impatient: I'm so tempted to knock on the loo door and run away and hide! but bleddy! I'm so not going to be able to run!
After some 10 mins...
The impatient: :D :D :D I'm back! I went to pee!The consoler: Hahahah :DThe impatient: I have so much feelings towards peeing that I can actually write a book! about what all emotions a man has throughout this process!The consoler: yes it seems like a passionate cause!The impatient: Feeling on top of the world now :P